Tower of Fantasy_ Full Alyss Skills Record

Alyss is likely one of the strongest Frost weapons in Tower of Fantasy and might take even a sub-par staff to a different stage. Most of that’s because of her versatile equipment and skills record.

From invincibility frames on a fundamental assault to a bigger buff space than Frigg’s that stacks with it, to even her one-star development vastly enhancing her efficiency, you will not have to spend a ton of foreign money or real-world cash to get a ton of worth. We’ll be overlaying all of Alyss’s talents on this information.

Full Capability Record for Alyss in Tower of Fantasy

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Alyss’ talents are extra than simply showy: they’re downright lethal. Her customary combos, coupled together with her Ability and Discharge, make her a should for any Frost-specific staff.

Her first two passive talents, Ice Shell and Frost Resonance, are fairly customary for restricted banner Weapons.

Ice Shell freezes enemies on the assault instantly following the Weapon reaching full cost.

freezes enemies on the assault instantly following the Weapon reaching full cost. Frost Resonance will increase Frost Assault by 15% and resistance by 25%, offered you’ve no less than two Frost Weapons geared up.

Mix these passives with the under strikes, and Alyss is an absolute beast.

Alyss Unyielding Wing Regular Assaults

You may have entry to 5 regular assaults with Alyss, and utilizing them optimally is crucial for the absolute best DPS. Attempt to string these combos collectively or cancel them into her Ability or one other Discharge for much more harm. You possibly can finish the combo by holding Assault and triggering Dancing Flash.

Swan Arc: 5 Grounded Common Assaults

Alyss’ default combo, press assault 5 occasions with out leaping. Every assault does greater than 100% of her ATK worth, plus a wholesome bonus. The proportion and flat bonus improve considerably with successive assaults, so this transfer set alone can do wonders.

Sweeping Combo: Leap, then 5 Common Assaults

For those who’re in a position to sneak a leap into your combo string, you can begin the Sweeping Combo. It begins at considerably lower than 100% harm earlier than dipping additional with the second swing, then beginning to improve till the ultimate strike, which is over 300% of your whole ATK. Every kick additionally has a flat bonus, and the final one causes a knockdown. Observe you could’t go into Dancing Flash; solely the spinning Waltz transfer.

Dancing Flash: Assault, then Maintain Assault

Alyss’ bread and butter combo ender, Dancing Flash, not solely offers greater than 300% harm over 5 strikes but additionally makes you invulnerable if used inside 4 seconds of utilizing a Ability or coming into Latent State. You may as well proceed attacking as soon as Dancing Flash ends, which means you may go from Swan Arc to Dancing Flash and again once more as many occasions as obligatory. The final hit suspends its goal for a 95% assault.

Sweeping Dive: Leap, then Maintain Assault

A easy dive-kick that offers 95 ATK plus a flat bonus, you should utilize Sweeping Dive to assault from the air and from an amazing peak with out taking fall harm.

Waltz: Maintain Assault

Alyss spins on one leg together with her different leg prolonged horizontally, slashing all the pieces close by, dealing greater than 100% ATK plus a flat bonus for so long as you proceed spinning. Spinning slowly drains your Stamina, and the assault ends with a ultimate kick earlier than your Stamina begins to refill.

Alyss Dodge Skills in Tower of Fantasy

Each Weapon has a few Dodge talents, and Alyss is not any exception.

Dance Type: Dodge, then Assault Three Instances

This combo suspends the goal, if in a position, then offers virtually 600% whole harm throughout a flurry of quick kicks, ending in a Avenue Fighter Spiral Arrow-style lunging kick. Relying on what the state of affairs requires, you may go straight into one other combo string as soon as this one ends.

Latent Skate Maintain Dodge or Dodge and Maintain Assault

Alyss transforms right into a dragonfly and strikes at 150% of her regular velocity whereas flying. You will burn up your Stamina rapidly in dragonfly type, however you fly in a straight line for so long as you’ve gauge to take action, and if you come out of the transformation, you deal greater than 300% ATK and freeze close by enemies for 2 seconds.

Alyss Ability: Chilling Subject

While you press the Ability button, Chilling Subject pulls all enemies nearer collectively and offers greater than 850% harm throughout a number of hits whereas additionally strongly suspending them. The Subject itself additionally seems in a big radius for 30 seconds.

Everytime you use a Discharge skill throughout the Subject, you may deal a further 125% Hoarfrost harm whereas slowing the targets. Each 12 occasions you activate the Unyielding Wing hit results, Spacial Slice prompts, filling the Subject with blades that deal round 165% ATK harm to any goal inside for 25 seconds.

Alyss Discharge: Starry Evening

Alyss’ Discharge has her leap into the air and float for just a few seconds earlier than slamming down, launching all the pieces in an in depth radius, dealing greater than 550% ATK harm, eradicating all debuffs, and making her invincible for 1.5 seconds.

Alyss Development Abiliites

Like everycharacter in any gacha sport, Alyss will get higher the upper her star score is. She’s definitely good at A0 (zero stars) however is sort of unfairly higher at each A1 after which A3. You probably have the Crimson Nuceli and Darkish Crystals to tug for her, attending to both of these breakpoints needs to be targets to shoot for.

1-Star Alyss

A second model of Alyss seems and makes use of a random Discharge on the Subject everytime you use one other Frost-element ability on high of the harm you are already doing. This additionally counts as a participant utilizing it, however the harm is lowered to 70%.

2-Star Alyss

Alyss’ Unyielding Wing Weapon’s ATK progress will increase by 16%.

3-Star Alyss

Along with her 1-star skill, you now get Alyss’s Help each time you employ her Starry Evening Discharge, and each Starry Evening and Hoarfrost harm will increase by 10% (as much as 30% at three stacks) for 12 seconds

4-Star Alyss

The Unyielding Wing Weapon’s ATK progress will increase by 32%.

5-Star Alyss

Each regular assaults and Spatial Slice assault harm will increase by 35%, whereas permitting you to take deadly harm as soon as and making you immune for a short while to permit you to get well. The cooldown on the dying save is 60 seconds.

6-Star Alyss

Enhance all Frost harm when receiving Alyss’s Help by 12% when Help reaches three stacks.

With that full talents record, that is what you may anticipate from Alyss when you pull for her in Tower of Fantasy. She instantly strengthens any Frost staff and is a simple substitute for both Meryl or Tsubasa, relying in your desire. You probably have Saki, Frigg, or Lin, Alyss is a wonderful pairing there, too. For extra guides and all issues Tower of Fantasy, try our guides hub.

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